Friday, July 11, 2014

Gamma and Uncle Stu's Visit

We were so excited to have Uncle Stu and Gamma come to visit! It was such a special time having them here for the boys birthday party and the Easter holiday!

Gamma helped get Talia all dressed up in her Easter yellow before we headed out to church.

The boys and Uncle Stu played Legos till the last minute before we left.

The family all went to Easter Service together on Sunday morning. Here is a picture of the Austin Kirkland Crew headed off to church.

After church we all went into downtown Austin for some special Mexican Easter lunch.

Talia was smitten with Uncle Stu.

I think he looked so much like Daddy she had extra love for her Uncle!
She was all smiles and giggles!

Of course, Gamma made her giggle too!
She brought all sorts of goodies. Talia loved her new night-nighty outfit!

Such a happy girl with her Gamma!

All dressed up to go out on the town in a new dress Gamma bought her!

So precious!

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