Friday, July 11, 2014


The kids had a blast at Disneyland this summer.

We parked in the Donald parking lot and this was our family "before" shot.

We made it into the park.

Toon town was a hit but the guys didn't like being put in Mickey's Jail.

Talia's favorite ride was "Small World". 
She loved looking at all the scenes.

The boys had a blast with Gamma and Gampa.

Joaquin and Elijah sat in the front of the boat with Gamma.

They loved it.

The boys were so excited Uncle Stu took the day off work to go with us.

The boys were mesmerized by the castle. 

Elijah's favorite ride throughout the whole day was the Haunted Mansion.

Talia had a blast!

We bought her a little Mini Mouse sunscreen hat to wear during the day.

Gampa holding Talia in line

The lines were not very long

Since the boys were quite a bit taller this time than the last time we went to Disneyland, they were able to ride a lot of the larger rides. Splash Mountain was one of Joaquin's choices and he sat in the very front of the log.

It was at this point that Elijah started screaming to get off.

Joaquin loved every minute of it…Elijah, not so much.

After Splash Mountinan, we loaded on the river raft and sailed over to pirate island

Elijah was in hog heaven

Daddy and Uncle Stu showed the boys all the secret caves and tunnels all throughout the island.

Next on the list was the Matterhorn. Elijah and I waited in line together.

Joaquin loves giving kisses to Daddy.

We met up with Uncle Stu's girlfriend for lunch and she was so wonderful with Talia.

Andrea and Talia were so cute!

Uncle Stu and Talia were making the same grin.

The next ride was Autotopia. I drove with Nick and Joaquin drove Ian around. 

We didn't get a picture of Uncle Stu and Elijah but the boys had a blast driving the cars around the track.

Can you tell Joaquin is in the happiest place on earth?
He was wearing Gampa's hat.

The last ride of the night was Star Tours.

Gamma, Talia and I sat this one out, but the boys had a blast!
They all came out telling us about the 3-D warp speed and so on.

We had a blast making memories together.

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