Friday, July 11, 2014

Joaquin's 5th and Elijah's 6th Birthday Party

The boys had a wonderful birthday party together where we celebrated Elijah turning 6 and Joaquin turning 5! Gamma and Uncle Stu were in town and MiMi and Papaw drove down from Moody and all the boys friends from their classes at school came to our house for a pirate themed party.

Here is a picture of all my girls getting ready for everyone to arrive.

All the kids had treasure box party favor boxes.

I used some pirate playmobile pieces, gold coins and blue icing to make the cake.

All the kiddos and their parents crowded around to sing happy birthday to the boys.

They blew out their candles quickly and dug into the cake.

I ordered special birthday t-shirts that said their age on it and had a little skull and crossbones on the corner.

The boys picked this pirate bounce house and slide combo from a party supply store. They delivered it early so the boys took pictures with it and we had fun jumping and sliding till all the guests arrived!

The bounce house was a hit!

For parents and grandparents too! :)


MiMi and Papaw with the kiddos

Gamma, Ian and I with the kiddos

The pirate house was huge

Ian and Stu

The kids had a blast

We had pizza, juice and beer for the parents. We all picniced around the yard to eat lunch.

The boys also had a blast making the pinata walk the plank! It finally busted open and all the kids went treasure hunting with their treasure boxes to capture the goodies.

Mommy and her big 5 year old

Talia and MiMi.

I put together a photo area with all sorts of props. 
Gamma, Talia and MiMi were one of the many groups that took advantage of the setup.

The Bearded Brother Pirates

Ian and I, ahoy!

My big boys after a fun-filled day!

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