Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We were so surprised to wake up to snow this morning! It has been falling for a few hours now and our evergreen tree looks like a flocked Christmas tree outside. It is beautiful! I realize this is nothing compared to the Dallas snow a couple weeks ago and nothing compared to pretty much anywhere north of here, but to us, this is major! :)

our backyard
evergreen tree on the side of the house

Elijah kept saying "wooooow" and of course ran to the front door to try and unlock it and run outside. Daddy surprised us and came home early from work because of all the ice on the roads. The boys were estatic! Of course, the first thing Elijah wanted to do was get dressed up and go outside with Daddy. Here is a little video and some pics from our day.

Daddy and Elijah playing in the snow

Elijah's first attempt at a snowball

Being frustrated that the snow was sticking to his shoes

more practice making snowballs

of course Joni joined in on the fun!

Anyway, we are enjoying our dose of winter! Thanks God for such a sweet little treat!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shane's Visit (and a side note about lingering poo)

My older brother, Shane, was in town last week on business and it was such a treat to get dinner together! He and his wife and two girls live in Georgia so we don't get to see them very often. However, he has been doing a lot of business around our area recently and we have reaped the benefits!

We all had dinner at BJ's Pizzeria and it was a blast! Ian was a stud dad and fed Joaquin two helping of Broccoli Cheddar soup from a bread bowl (and yes, we did have to order two of them after he cried when he finished the first one!) That boy can eat! Elijah loved running laps around the corner booth and having MiMi share her pizza! Here is a pic my mom took that night as we were all about to head out.

I do have a side-note about wearing my glasses. So, the entire family has been fighting off an eye bacterial infection. It only looks like I am the one fighting it because Ian normally wears glasses so you can't tell the difference and the boys eyes are pretty much clearing up from their previous reddened state. I had no idea that it could so easily turn into an epidemic. You see, Elijah has recently figured out how to undress himself and take off his diaper. There have been a few frightening episodes of him sitting in a bed, naked, poo all over the sheets, his hands and the like! Shortly after one of those episodes Elijah looked like he had pink eye and Ian said he probably rubbed poo in his eye. We kinda laughed and went to the doc to get him some eye drops. Little did we know that this poo-eye could be completely contagious! The next day I literally could not open either of my eyes they were so covered in goo. One day later Ian had to call in sick because he couldn't see his computer screen at work. Seriously! I am happy to say though, after antibiotic and eye drops for everyone in the family, we are ridding ourselves of the poo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brothers that Play together Stay together...

I love that my boys are finally to an age where they can play together. It has been so fun to watch them light up when the other one comes around! I think the number one comment I got when people found out I was having another boy so close in age to Elijah was, "oh, that is great! They can play together!" And I am just now seeing that come to fruition! It makes my heart smile!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Broken Promises

When I was a kid my parents decided the entire family had to all wear matching shirts when we went to the state fair of Texas. I can remember it clearly. It was that morning, while putting on my matching white T-shirt with the red pony on the front that I swore I would never do that to my kids. I realize that my parents probably did it in order to keep up with three kids running all over the fair grounds, but it wasn't cool. Funny how your perspective totally changes when you get to be a parent! What is it that is so cute about two siblings (and the same gender is even cuter!) wearing the same outfit?

It was this little itch that started when I was in Waco last weekend. I was about to walk out of Common Grounds (our favorite little coffee shop there at Baylor) when I spotted some kid tee's over in the corner. The itch began like a little scratching on my heart, just enough to where I couldn't ignore it. I had to go over and take a look. Of course Jill (the owner of Common Grounds, who was a friend of mine and a pi phi sister) had printed the coolest little boy t-shirts. I told myself I would ONLY buy them if they just so happened to have the boys sizes in stock, and of course the rest is blog-worthy history. I broke my own childhood promise and took the shirts up to the cash register.

I'm sure this is only the first of many of the "I will never do that when I am a parent" promises I will break, but Jimmy can crack corn about this one, because I don't care; they were too stinkin cute!

Now, just look at those little guys wearing their Common Grounds t-shirts with the deer wearing sunglasses on the front! :)