Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zoo Zoo

The crew decided to head to the Waco Zoo last weekend, since we were in Moody for Thanksgiving and were close by.  It was the boys first time at a zoo and Elijah was in awe!  Ian was stud daddy and had so much fun teaching and showing Elijah all the animals.  (He also knew exactly how to lure the animals our way with his arsenal of sound effects; anyone who knows Ian knows he has plenty of those in his bag of tricks) :)  We had a blast, though, and are loving getting to "show the world" to Elijah now that he is old enough to be interested.  Parenting just gets better and better!  :)  

Ian's growl worked on the Lion.  He came right over to where they were in front of the glass and let out a few big roars himself.

He also managed to get the orangutan to climb over our direction with some clicking noises.  :)

And here we are at the little photo op spot.  I had Joaquin in the bjorn and he knocked out dead asleep about 5 min after this picture was taken.