Friday, July 11, 2014

California Beach Babes

We made the rounds to all the beaches in Orange County. 

Ian's favorite beach of all time is in Laguna Beach. He spent all his childhood beach days on Victoria Beach, in Laguna. He loved taking and sharing that experience with the boys and Talia!

Sand castles

The boys loved making the moat around the castle edge

The tide was strong in Victoria so the boys had to be careful

boogie boarding was another first for the boys. Gampa  and Daddy showed them how to do it!

Talia had a blast in Manhattan Beach too! We all went to spend the day at the beach and meet up with Aunt Katie and Chris near their apartment off the main drag. 

I burried Elijah and Joaquin in the sand…

This was a picture that Nick's father took with Ian when Ian was a baby, so Nick mimiced the same pose to capture a special moment and memory.

Talia and Gampa.

Talia was so happy to meet up with Aunt Katie after the beach and have a nice dinner.

Like father, like son.

We all had dinner with Chris and Katie at a fun dinner spot in Manhattan Beach.

Gamma was the first one to introduce Talia to the ocean.

The boys went to check out the tide pools with Daddy when Talia had some lunch.

Bathing Beauties

First few steps in the water at my hometown beach in Huntington.

Talia loved it even though it was cold!

Elijah and I with the Huntington pier in the background with Ruby's at the end of the pier

boogie boarding boys

Elijah had a good time burrying things in the sand

Joaquin and I at Victoria Beach

Joaquin on the boogie board

The boys loved the beach

Gampa and Joaquin

Elijah in the waves

baby girl and I in Manhattan Beach

Joaquin and mommy in Huntington

Beach babe

The boys had a blast runing in and out of the surf

Gampa taught the boys a thing or two about sand castle building

my princes

I love this shot of Daddy and the boys building castles at Victoria

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