Thursday, February 27, 2014

Uncle Chris and Aunt Melanie's visit

We all had a blast when Aunt Melanie and Uncle Chris came to visit! The boys had so much fun getting their room ready and making welcome cards to put on their bed.

The first place we visited was Guero's Taco Bar down on South Congress. We hung out for a while listening and dancing to the band outside and the boys had a blast. (If you can't tell by Joaquin's enormous smile)  :)

Talia getting all dressed up to go out for dinner.

The weather was amazing that weekend so we went to Zilker Park and the boys brought some of their allowance money to play around with.  They both chose to buy spiderman balloon animals and Elijah also paid to have his face painted to match his spiderman balloon.

Cool dude

They had a blast

After playing at the park for a while, we walked over to Shady Grove for a late lunch / early dinner. The kids hitched rides on Ian and Chris. 

We ate at a lot of fun places while they were in town. Of course we went to Phil's Ice House down the street from us, Guero's, Shady Grove, Alamo Drafthouse, Magnolia Cafe and more.

By the end of our day at the park, Talia was exhausted. She pretty much slept in daddy's arms through the entire meal. :)

Another highlight of the visit for the boys was getting to see the Lego Movie with Aunt Melanie and Uncle Chris at the Alamo Drafthouse. I didn't get any photos from that event, but the kids and adults all had a blast. 

It was such a fun time with family and we are so grateful they came to visit! We love you guys and can't wait till you come back again some day!

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