Friday, July 11, 2014

Family Fourth of July

The Hill family (my mother's side of the family) all got together at my parents house for a fun 4th of July Weekend Celebration! 

Ian and Talia playingin the back yard.

The weather was beautiful!

My baby girl in her red, white and blue dress

She is such a daddy's girl

The boys got out MiMi and Papaw's little pool and splashed around in the yard.

Mom and I cooking in the kitchen.

Namama, Carol and I

It always seems like everyone hangs out in the kitchen!
Here is dad, Buddy and Bobby (my mom's brothers)

Aunt Mary, Uncle Bobby and Uncle Buddy

Namama and my momma

Carol brought lots of fun games for the boys to play.
They loved velcrow ball.

2nd cousin Sarah and Joaquin played Simon.

2nd cousin Natalie is so good with kids. The boys love playing with her and so does Talia.

Ian, Mary and I lounging on the couch

Fun family time

Talia loved her baby doll

Play dough was a fun favorite of the boys and Uncle John and Sarah and Natalie

Talia had lots of people to feed and cuddle with her.

At night all the grown up crew played family board games around the table.

4th of July was full of crazy glow stick fun!
Ian's eyes looked so crazy, I took a picture.

Then he took a picture of me…
We had a blast with family for the weekend!

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