Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Kirkland's Summer Visit

This past week Ian's family (minus Chris and Melanie) flew out to visit.  The boys are getting bigger and bigger, so there are so many fun things we are able to take the family to do together that we weren't able to go do when they were younger.  

We had so much fun doing touristy things and going to all the Austin hot spots and favorite eateries.  
Barton Springs Pool/Aquifer was a must.  The boys said it was freezing, but Gampa thought it was warmer than the California coast he is used to.
 The huge natural swimming hole was super busy that day, but everyone really needed a break from the 100 degree heat!
We also ate (although as a vegetarian myself, I just had coleslaw and potato salad) at "the country's best BBQ joint" - Franklin
 We ordered a family portion and everyone got a little of everything.  It was a total hit from all the meat-eaters.
 We were really smart (although I can't say it was planned) to head to Franklin at around 1pm - it opens at 11am for lunch and is open until they run out of meat.  Usually there is a 2 hour + line to get in and if you don't make the cut, sorry for you.  Driving up we saw the sign saying they were out of meet on the door, but when Stu and Ian went in to inquire, they said we could prob. just barely make the cut off.  We just scooted in and only had to wait about 30 min!  Score!

Here is Ian and I and Katie and I waiting in line

Gamma also came with an extra suitcase of Ian's old childhood toys and it was a total hit!  The huge play-mobile pirate ship was Elijah's favorite for sure and Joaquin was into the Star Wars figurines. I think the boys may be getting a bit spoiled from their California fam!  :)
 Another family favorite we had to stop by was the Hula Hut.  It has pretty much been a tradition to head out to the end of the pier in Austin and grab some Tex-Mex and Margaritas while we watch the sun set over the lake.  The boys love being able to watch the turtles swim by from their seat and everyone is happy!

 Gamma also smuggled some dark chocolate chips inside her suitcase, and the boys soon learned Gamma's famous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  It was a special moment and the rest of the family reaped the benefits of cookies to eat while playing a family game of Trivial Pursuit Genius after the boys went to bed.  (I'm happy to say that Katie and I won!)
 There were many a family night of deep conversation until 3 am, computer craziness till the wee hours of the morning, and board games with stiff competition, pointing fingers, and lots of laughs!  It is always a blast being in the Kirkland Crew!
Gamma and Gampa got to stay an extra couple days and the boys had a blast just doing the things we normally do around here - going to our neighborhood swimming pool and park, as well as waking up the Grandparents early to start the day playing in the playroom!  

My sweet boys!
They can be very loving when they want to be!
 Joaquin and Gampa taking a break high up on the playground
Elijah and Gamma

 Elijah's climb

Joaquin headed down the super slide

 Joaquin and Daddy made it down the 3 story tall slide!

 I really tried to get a good family shot for Gamma and Gampa but of course Elijah wouldn't give me the satisfaction of looking at me and smiling at the camera.

 happy boys
 Elijah peaking out the spiral slide turret

 We also made sure to hit up Georgetown's famous Monument Cafe for breakfast before Gamma and Gampa left to head back home.

If you can't tell from the photos, we had a blast!  Every time we get together as a family it is so special!