Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good ole' Times

Last weekend my closest and oldest childhood friend and I got our families back together again at mom's house. Emily and I were inseparable when we were young and Jan, Emily's mother, was like a second mother to me. It is so amazing when you get back together with someone after all these years and you just pick up wherever you left off. It has always been that way with us, and it was so wonderful to have all the kiddos and our moms together this time. We all had lunch together then let the kids run around in the yard while we caught up. (By the way, Ian got to have a weekend off all daddy duty and he was at home soaking up the quiet house!) Here are some pictures from our weekend.

We kept saying we needed to get a picture all together on Saturday when we all had make-up on and looked nice for the occasion. Of course, that never happened and we ended up asking my dad to take a quick shot on Sunday morning after we had finally gotten all the kids out of bed, dressed, fed and the cars all packed up. Hey, at least we got one shot of us all together. (Although you can't see Emily's newest little man, Dane. He is in the car seat carrier right behind all of us)
Here are Olivia, Grant, Elijah, and Joaquin all playing in MiMi's sandbox.

Jan, Emily and I after lunch on Saturday

Grant and Elijah had the same exact swimsuits! They were so cute all playing in the baby pool and on the little play scape.

MiMi rigged up the slide to drop right into the baby pool and they all had a blast with that!

We really had such a wonderful weekend and although it is a totally different ball game now that we have 5 kids between us, true friendships just grow deeper with time! It really is such a gift from God to have friends to share your life with!

Always making me smile...

So, Joaquin thought it was sooo funny to take the nipple off his sippy cup and suction it to his face! And, I have to admit, it was pretty hilarious! He was running around all day and Elijah kept laughing, pointing, and yelling "ipple face! ipple face buba!" I tried to catch him in action but he is pretty fast!

Elijah also decided to show off his new "I can dress myself" skillz by grabbing mommy's undies out of the laundry and putting them on over is shorts. So, this morning was a joyful start to the day with my little panty wearin' and nipple face boys! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hill Family Reunion 2010

We had our yearly Hill Family Reunion a couple weekends ago at the Moody House. It was so wonderful to see everyone and hear what is going on in every one's lives. Most of us that used to sit at the "kids table" are all grown up now and the term "kids" is now used to reference my two boys. Every summer my mom's brothers and sisters, my mom's parents (Namama and Grandaddy Bill) and all the cousins try to get together for at least a 3 day weekend.

The past few years my mother has hosted the event since their house is large enough to handle the crowd. We always stay up late playing games, eating tons of sweets, and reminiscing. The mornings are full of babies running around and the "adults" having coffee and tea outside under the trees while the older kids sleep late into the afternoon! We all gather together for cooking meals some even put on their jogging shoes and go for a run around the small town of Moody. And, I know I didn't do it justice by my short description, but it really is a blast and such a special time of celebrating family. Here are a few pics from last weekend.

Brice, Sarah, JB, Carol, and my mom at one of the lunches

The crew sitting down for our last meal before everyone headed their own ways.

Catherine (I snuck in some candid shots when people didn't know I was taking them) :)

Sarah and Elijah playing legos

Carol often played chef



hanging out during the afternoon


Elijah taking his legos very seriously

the weekend includes lots of dog bonding too!
everyone brings their pooches to play
JB's dog-- Issa

hanging out in the kitchen...why is it that everyone always congregates in the kitchen? no matter how big the rest of the house is?

my sweet mother, the hostess with the mostest

Buddy showing Elijah his camera tricks

Ian and Joaquin playing around on the couch

boys boys boys...
Ian, Joaquin, Bryce, Elijah and Brett

bigger boys

Bobby and Grandaddy Bill

Namama and her two girls, mom and Carol

MiMi and Elijah

Uncle Bobby and Joaquin

Breakfast outside

lego mania!

MiMi and Joaquin on the scooter

Em on the backyard swing

kids in the pool + people on the swing + dogs in the yard + people lounging = a good time
Elijah loved the sprinkler

Bryce keeping Joaquin entertained in the baby pool

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video Tribute

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything. Sorry about that. Summer gets so busy and crammed with activities! I picked up the flip this morning to catch a video of Joaquin playing with Joni and when I was uploading the video I realized there were a lot of clips on the camera that I had planned on sharing on the blog and never did. So, this is a catch up video blog entry. :)

These first two films are from Noah's 2nd birthday party, back when they were still living in the states! They rented one of those big blow up slide and jumpy things and the kids were playing on it all day!
This next one is from our time in Mexico when Uncle Stu taught Elijah his fancy dance!

Here is our fourth of July pop fireworks in the backyard. The boys loved it, and so did Joni for that matter!

This one might take a bit of explaining... you see, Ian and I made up a little brush your teeth song that the boys love. We say, "We're gonna brush our teeth on the--left, left, left, left, left, left, left--on the right, right, right, right, right, right, right, in the front, front, front, front, front--ALL of Elijah and Joaquin's teeeeth!" So, when Daddy and I are home to give them a bath together it is a tradition to brush our teeth when we are drying off and putting on our jammies. Daddy does a little beat-box and Mommy sings. One night Daddy decided we needed to video it to save the memory. So, here is our brush your teeth song for your viewing pleasure. :)

This video is from the carousel the boys road at the miniature golf place for my dad's birthday. They had a blast!

And, finally, this is the video I took today that started all this video tribute nonsense. It just wanted to capture Joni and Joaquin playing in the house since it is something they always do. He gives a nice wave hello to all you watching the video too!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my father's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

Yesterday, mom, Kellye, and I planned a secret little day for Papaw. Dad knew we were doing something for his birthday, but we didn't tell him what we were doing and we didn't tell him who would be there. It was a total surprise that Kellye was waiting at a Putt Putt Golf course to celebrate! (For those of your that don't know my dad's sister, Kellye, check out her website: The schedule of a jazz artist is always busy, so we were so excited that she was able to be with us that day!) So, Ian, the boys, JB, mom, Kellye and I were all there to celebrate with dad.

Let me just say that my father is an amazing man! I am so blessed to have had him as my dad in this life! He is the most encouraging, uplifting, genuine person I know. His spirit just permeates any room he is in and people just grow when they are around him. He can't help it; he is just that kind of guy! God has definitely set him apart in this life!

All in all, the kids had a blast running around the putt putt course, and when it got too hot outside we headed in for some fun inside. After the golf we all had dinner and a relaxed time to catch up. Dad was totally surprised by the whole affair and we had a blast! Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Dad blowing out his candle after dinner!

Elijah on the carousel

Joaquin LOVED riding on the horses!

The birthday boy actually won the putt-putt tournament!

Joaquin and Elijah got some good golf practice in!

Ian and Joaquin getting their golf clubs ready. The tiny clubs were so cute!

Here is a pic of the whole crew before we played miniature golf. Dad, mom, Elijah, me, Ian, Joaquin, John, and Kellye! We had a blast!