Friday, July 11, 2014

Family Time

Every morning while we were in California the boys would wake up and crawl into Gamma and Gampa's bed. When Talia woke up, she would have a morning bottle and join them.

One day Aunt Darry planned a special family dinner for everyone at her house in Irvine. 
We spent the day in her neighborhood pool and then went over to Darry's house as everyone arrived for dinner.

Talia got to swim with Gamma and Gampa

She is such a water baby!

Darry had noodles for the boys to play with in the pool.

Smile for mommy!

Dinner was beautiful. Darry set all the tables out in her backyard and the place was hoppin!
Family from both sides were there to meet Talia and catch up on one another's lives.

2nd cousin Rebecca was one of Talia's favorites to spend time with.

The boys colored pictures and showed them all to those at the table for entertainment.

We also went to the Pretend City in Irvine one day with Lita.
The boys had a blast pretending in every location.

Joaquin loved the building / construction zone

Talia loved the baby area

They had a small stage with costumes, props, music and lighting. 
The boys dressed up and put on a rock concert.

Talia rode around on her taxi cab throughout the city.

Elijah had fun playing at the doctor office. 
(Although I would be a little frightened if he was my pediatrician)

One day, on the way to the beach, I stopped by my parent's old house to take a picture! 
6772 Baker Street still looks exactly the same!

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