Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Hardware

Sunday afternoon Ian and Elijah ran into town to grab me some eggs for the muffins I had gotten half way through making before I realized we were out of eggs. The clock ticked on by and after an hour and a half I started to worry about my boys and those eggs!

As soon as they arrived home, however, I noticed a surprise bag from Home Depot. Ah ha! They had been hardware shopping! I think every man is pretty much a hardware junkie when they get into those "manly" stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Ian can just browse the isles remembering all the projects he needs to do around the house and dreaming up ones he wants to start.

Anyhow, when Ian told me that he and Elijah shopped together, I was interested. I poked my head into the baggie and saw of all sorts of locks, bolts, little wheels, chains, and the like. As soon as Ian saw the puzzled look on my face he began to explain a "boy's type of toy board" that he had in mind to build Elijah.

That night as Elijah slept Ian drilled and hammered in the garage to make this "toy board", and when Elijah woke up in the morning and Daddy had gone to work it was like Santa Clause had left him a fantastic toy!

He LOVES his new gizmo board...made especially for him by his wonderfully thoughtful daddy! Here is a little video I took of him this morning flipping a few latches.


  1. What a brilliant Daddy Ian is!

    You two are such fantastic parents. I love hearing about how you're raising your children.

    [You're doing quite well.]

  2. You two make me almost want to have kids ;)

  3. Rachel, this is Emmy (Mary's sister). That "Toy Board" is probably the next big multi-million dollar product. At my school (I teach Kindergarten), we search and search for "real" toys like this. BRILLIANT.

  4. what an awesome idea! Ian should go into the toy making business...i'd buy one! Jackson would love one of those. :)

  5. Ohh, we want one! We want one! Can Ian teach N8 this weekend?