Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Read

Now that Joaquin is out of the newborn phase, he doesn't sleep all the time. Rather, he is excited to be included in some activity! This has been fun for Elijah too because he can "play with bubba", for the most part.

This morning, after I finished making the bed and changing Joaquin, Elijah decided he wanted to read his bubba a book. It was so precious! Elijah crawled up on the bed and plopped down next to Joaquin with his "Jorge el Curioso" book and started to babble (read) aloud. At first Joaquin didn't really know what to do, he just stared at Elijah cautiously--I think he is a bit frightened when Elijah gets too close to him because he often gets poked in the eye with a pacifier or something of the like. However, after a minute he actually smiled and seemed into the story. This kind of morning makes me excited that the boys are only 13 months apart and will undoubtedly be sharing and doing things together for most of their lives!

Joaquin after mom changed him into his new outfit for the day.

Joaquin was a bit distracted by the camera at this point.

After Elijah finished, Joaquin tried to "steamroller" him (this is his new flip-over trick)

This was when Elijah first squatted down next to Joaquin to read.

Joaquin's middle name, Sol, truly fits him. He is so full of sunshine, always ready with a happy smile! :)


  1. OMG Rachie!! Look at how much Joaquin has grown and filled out, ahhh! I cannot wait to see him again. :) and they are precious together...makes me get excited to have "brother" moments in our house in a few months!! that or brother/sister moments - ahhh!

  2. How sweet! I love those little moments at my house, because they don't happen often.

  3. I can totally imagine your morning! So cute! You're a good mommy. :)