Friday, September 18, 2009

Fraggle Rock

Ian and I were out grocery shopping with the kids last weekend and we happened past a Halloween costume area of the store. Since Elijah was way too young to remember what Halloween was last year (he was dressed as a chili pepper), we were trying to show him all the neat costumes. They were only 10 bucks so we decided we would let Elijah pick one out. This is what he chose...

I think he looks like a fraggle from the Fraggle Rock TV show that I used to see as a kid.

But it is actually a Lion on his head.

He LOVES it. And, although Halloween is a month away, he has refused to let it sit in the closet. First thing he does for the day is point to the costume hanging up and say "uhhh." So, he usually gets to wear it around the house in the morning before we get dressed for the day.

We actually ended up buying him 2 costumes that day because Mommy liked the elephant better. It has a billowy belly and leggings that go with it. :) So, come Halloween night, hopefully he will be interested in wearing the "new" elephant costume since he will have worn out the lion by then.

In Joaquin news, I was surprised after a 5 minute crying session on his play mat (he has learned to flip himself over onto his belly but can't quite figure out how to get back over onto his back), he suddenly stopped the screaming. I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and it actually kinda worried me so I walked over to see what had happened. And, what do you know...he found his thumb! Praise the Lord, no more having to run over and put the passy back in his mouth when it falls out and he gets hysterical that he can't get it back in himself. He now officially has his own "self-soother"! Hip-hip-hooray! This may sound strange to some people (especially those without kids) to be happy that your kid is sucking his thumb, but it was such a blessing when Elijah finally found out he could put himself to sleep by sucking on his two fingers. Mommy and Daddy were released from their duty to try and get the little one relaxed and asleep because he could do it himself!


  1. He is SO cute, Rach! Fraggle Rock is awesome. I love that you are letting him enjoy his costume. Still working on C's costume. And yipee for the thumb. I def remember it was huge! Congrats. And yeah for vacay SOON!!!! Take me with you!

  2. ahhh, loved Fraggle rock, and he is soooo cute in that lil costume! love getting them all gussied up for Halloween!! :)

  3. Down in fraggle rock clap! clap! Of course I remember the theme song :)

    Your boys are so stinkin' cute, Rach! Miss you. Terribly. :(