Monday, August 31, 2009

JB turns 28!

I can't believe my youngest sibling is now 28! We are getting so old! It seems like only yesterday we were exploring around the creek by our house. John and I always had a blast together as kids and I have such a special love for my bubs! He is one of the best men I have ever known! He is the most giving, thoughtful, genuine, honest, and reverent man of God and anyone who knows him sees Christ's love shining through him! He always used to tell me to "spread the Love" whenever we were leaving and saying our goodbyes. Gosh, I love that guy! :)
The family got together this weekend for John's birthday, we all call him J.B. because his middle name is Brooker. Anyway, he is having a BBQ with all his buddies next weekend for his actual party, but the family had their own little special dinner at Adam and Chandra's this past weekend. We had a blast and it was so fun to see the cousins, Elijah and Noah, play together! Pretty soon we will have another little cousin since Chandra is expecting her second around mid April 2010! We are hoping we will get a girl in this family soon! :)
Mom and Dad

JB and I

Adam spooning the leftover cheesecake off the table to eat it!

Chandra cutting the cheeseblob. (The cheesecake was supposed to be in the fridge for 24 hours, but only got 8 hours and therefore turned into a blob when we tried to cut it. But, it was a DELICIOUS blob none the less!)

Mom and Dad are going to help get JB a cat that he is wanting, Tonkinese I believe...although I have know idea how to spell that. So, his birthday card was certainly fitting! :)


  1. awww, Happy Bday JB!! I forget he and my sis have the same bday!! LOVE that cheesecake blob..hee hee, too cute! and yay for another cousin!! sooo exciting!!!

  2. Happy bday JB! I can't even believe that he is 28. Looks like yall had a blast celebrating.
    And congrats Chandra, Adam and Noah :)

  3. Happy birthday, JB!! Cats rule and dogs drool!