Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2nd Day of School

OK, so am I a horrible mother if I forgot to take a picture of the first day of school for my first born child? I hope not, because it completely slipped my mind! I was so busy trying to make sure he ate a good breakfast, packing his lunch, getting an extra pair of clothes ready, labeling all his diapers, folding up his nap mat properly (it was like folding up a 5 foot long map... I mean come on, can they not make those things any easier?!), and getting both boys in the car on time that I hardly had time to think of the camera.

Of course, as soon as we got to the check in station for Hutto Baptist's Mother's Day Out I realized I was THAT mom. The one who failed to record her child's notable first day. Everyone was posing by their classroom door or with their smiling teachers, who undoubtedly knew the drill. I however, hurriedly pushed my stroller into Elijah's room and tried to be as inconspicuous as I could (which is nearly impossible with a stroller made for two that resembles a Texas-sized double wide trailer) as I put his bag and nap mat down and said goodbye.

THIS PHOTO was taken on oh so important day number two! We were heading out the door when I saw the camera I had left beside my keys as a reminder to record my sons belated milestone. None the less it is now on film and I feel I can rest easy.


  1. awww, yay Elijah! What a big boy!!

  2. You are too cute! I did a day 2 photo as well ;) I think it's because we have 2 kids...give us some grace ;) I love you and he is precious! Tell him Aunt Missy sends suggggah

  3. I totally wouldn't have forgotten. ;)

    Yeah, right! I can't remember my own stuff let alone the stuff for 2 children. Love you!!

  4. What an adorable little boy! I am sure you didn't want to stress him out with pictures the first day. That was it...He, He!