Monday, March 2, 2009

Elijah and His Drumset

Recently Elijah has really gotten into playing his drum set. Funny enough, we have had this little baby drum set for 5 years now. When we were living in Irvine, at Las Palmas Apartments, someone was getting rid of it and Ian snagged them from beside the dumpster. (We actually have a few toy instruments that Ian uses to sample from every so often.)

That being said, when Elijah was able to pull himself up to stand, Daddy ran out to the garage to grab the drum set. After a thorough Clorox bleaching session, Elijah had his first toy drumming experience. He has played with Daddy's real drums before, but it isn't the same as your own personal sized set...not to mention, Elijah's set has a recording device, and 10 or so sample buttons he can push that play beats from different musical genres. (i.e. the "hip hop" button, the "techno" button, etc.) Elijah now has a new favorite toy and mommy and daddy have a permanent, repetitive, annoying tune constantly playing in their heads.

We noticed, also, after hitting a few of the sample beats on his drum set, he was swinging his little diapered butt to the music! We were so excited, especially Daddy, because he a;ways hoped Elijah would get some dancing abilities from his mom's side of the family. (He says he never dances without getting a couple drinks down for confidence and the ability to "not have to think about how stupid I look".) So, it was always a dream of his that our kids would somehow inherit the master dancing skills of mommy. :)

Here is our little groovin' guy playing and swaying...


  1. Heaven! :) That made me smile so big!

  2. OH. MY. Gosh!!! How cute is he?? AHHHH! a musician in the making for sure! :)

  3. I LOVE him! He was totally shakin' the bootie!!!