Thursday, February 26, 2009


Look at that little piece of doughy arm skin where his shoulder meets his chest! Ahhh, don't you just want to eat it?

And, the way that belly just hangs over the diaper!!! I mean come on!

Why are babies so much cuter when they are naked? I always feel a little weird admitting that I would rather have Elijah run around all day in a diaper than have him clothed, but it is the truth!! Maybe it is my obsession with doughy skin that does it. I love having constant access to pinch, nibble, and cuddle his puffy little arms and legs. :)

Not, that he doesn't have cute clothes, because he totally does. Every single outfit he owns was given to him (with the exception of one pair of jeans we bought when he was 3 months old), so they are all very nice. But what could possibly be better than a baby birthday suit?


  1. dude, you need to see mr. carson nakey..he is all dough! man b**bs and all ;)
    elijah is too cute!

  2. ahhh, love that buddha belly! gosh, he is growing Rachie, what a sweetie! SO GLAD you have a blog now and i can keep up with watching him grow! :)