Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday in the Park

Elijah is just now starting to enjoy the park.  He always loved the nature walks we would take, but now that he can crawl up stairs, he has moved from the jogging trails to the jungle gym!  He is all about that playground, and although the other big kids seem to swallow him up, he holds his own (he has quite the Taurus attitude when he wants to do something!)  

Sunday was a beautiful day here so we headed to the park.  Here are a few pics of Elijah's adventures.
I like to stick my dirty hands in mommy's mouth while she pretends to bite them! :)

Perspective!!! Look at my BIG feet! 

Daddy and I went down lots of slides!  The tunnel ones were the most fun when we would pop out and mommy would surprise us at the end!  
Although, Daddy had to lay back to fit in the tunnel and I think it made his hair static-y.  :)

I loved to be on the playground and walk across the bridge.  
It had perfect rails for me to hold on to wherever I roamed.

Here I am making my quick crawl up the playground levels.  
I have to concentrate, but man it fun!

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