Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Typical Saturday Morning in pictures

When Elijah first wakes up Daddy usually goes and gets him, changes his diaper, fixes his morning bottle and brings him into bed with mommy. Elijah and Daddy are slow to wake up. They both like to lay around 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep for a while. :)

"I'm starting to wake up"...

"OK, I am awake MaMa, you can stop taking pictures."

This is where Elijah has already had his morning bottle and starts to get antsy to play, but Mommy and Daddy still want to be lazy and not get out of the bed. So, we compromise with a book in the bed and we are all happy. :)

Daddy starts to wake up and is ready to play!

"By the way, my top two teeth are coming in!"

Mommy enjoys laying around and watching Daddy and Elijah play in bed! :) One of Elijah's favorites is to get thrown in the air!

OK, we are up now. Mommy made breakfast for Daddy and Elijah wants some of Daddy's quiche. (He is getting to the age now where he can try big people food and he loves it! He has a stomach of steel!)

They are so cute together. I think Elijah is really starting to look like his daddy!

He even gets to try some of Daddy's protein shake!

Looks like I just drank poo! :)

"I am happy with shake all over my face and Daddy thinks I'm funny!"

Now that Mommy and Daddy ate, it is Elijah's turn to have a breakfast meal. I make all his food, so this morning he had oatmeal and steamed and blended mixed veggies and plums. :) That tiny bit of food takes hours to make and goes in 5 minutes. :) sorry, that was a little mommy vent.

"Last thing I get to do before I go down for my nap is help Daddy in the back yard! I think it is hilarious to watch Daddy snap off the dead limbs on the Esperanza plant!"

Then Elijah gets to go back to bed for a nap and Daddy and Mommy get to take a breath or go back to sleep if they can!

Weekends don't have the same level of relaxation when the little ones arrive, but they are fun in their own way. I can still remember crawling into my parents bed on weekend mornings and playing around in there until we could force them to get up! It is neat to think we are starting to make those kind of memories with Elijah.

-Love you all-


  1. I LOVE slow mornings and daddy time. So precious. He is getting so big. I can't believe it. All these pics make me miss you even more :(

  2. awww. how sweet are those??? ya'll are the cutest lil fam, and are such examples of valuing that simple, fun, memory-making family time. i love it!
    I do think Elijah is resembling his daddy more and more, but he has your eyes i think. :)

    love you all!