Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Hike

Before Adam, Chandra, Noah and Tristan headed back to China we all spent a day outside together at Mother Neff State Park. The kids had a blast hiking, playing in the caves and water holes and climbing up to the lookout point (they called the castle). Mom packed a special picnic lunch and we all sat down to a nice meal after our long hike. 

The kids played hide and go seek in the large treed field and they ran and ran around the campsite. It was such a special family time to get to spend together to end our month together as a family. The cousins truly look forward to their time together all year and it was a great way to say goodbye till next time! 

Here are some photos from the day...

Papaw and Joaquin on the lookout point

Tristan, Elijah and Noah climbing to the top of "the castle"

Mimi and Ian looking out over the park

the hike

my resting point under one of the cave entrances

the boys all giving me their best "tough guy face"

Elijah and the light

Ian carried Talia in the papoose during the day hike and she stayed awake practically the entire time! She loved it!

MiMi, Papaw and our little wild Indians
(all four boys age 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5) 

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