Thursday, February 27, 2014

Geo Cache Adventure

 The fam all gathered in the car to go on our first Geo Cache treasure hunt last weekend. If your not familiar with Geo-caching, it is a really awesome thing to do with the kids. People hide things and note the GPS coordinates then go online and put in the coordinates to where they hid their treasure along with a little riddle or code about how to find the loot.  The locations are marked by level of difficulty so you can start with a simple treasure hunt until you learn how to do it.

Ian used his google maps on his phone for the coordinates and we were off! The riddle on our first geo cache said that it was located somewhere that people walked over it and it usually stayed dry. Our coordinates led us to this underpass and the boys looked around till they found the tin can treasure.

Inside was a log of all the names of the people who had also found it and the dates it had last been opened. We signed it with the boys names and the date and left a small fake pirate coin Elijah brought along inside.

It was the perfect Saturday activity!

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