Monday, May 3, 2010

Rachel turns 31

Well, I am officially 31 years old now. I celebrated one more year on this earth with my wonderful family this time around. I have to first say thank you to all of you close friends and family that texted, emailed, mailed, and sent me gifts of love and praise. It means so much to be surrounded by such positive and uplifting people. Each of you motivate, encourage, spur me on, and set examples of who I want to be and things I want to do in my life. You actually can count yourself as someone who is helping mold my life! I feel truly blessed by each person's unique and specific presence! Thanks for loving me and all that that entails! I am forever grateful!

My wonderful mother and father planned a beautiful dinner for the family at an amazing Steak/Fish House. It was a wonderful meal full of non-stop kid entertainment! :)
Here is Chandra (and you can barely see the top of Tristan sitting in his little baby carrier --only 10 days old--at the head of the table closest to the camera, Noah, Adam, Dad, J.B., Elijah, me, Joaquin, Ian, and Mom.

On Sunday Ian, the boys and I had dinner at the Hula Hut on Lake Austin. It is a family favorite of ours and it was the perfect day to eat outside over the water! This was the only picture we could manage to get someone to take of us where the boys were somewhat looking at the camera. :) You know how that goes.
This was before we headed out to dinner. My sister and brother in law, Katie, and Stu sent me this beautiful necklace for my birthday. I couldn't wait to wear it out that night!
I was trying to tickle Joaquin into a smile, which worked, but didn't have him looking at the camera.
My baby boy.

This was our attempt to get mommy and her boys picture on the front porch before we headed out. Elijah wasn't that great of a sport about it all.

If you look closely you can see daddy in the window reflection. He was so great trying to get the boys to smile for the photo. Elijah actually looks curious as to why daddy is making so many silly noises this time. :)

I had a wonderful birthday! And as you know, the family tradition is to share with everyone one piece of knowledge or wisdom that you feel you have gained over the year. When Ian asked me at dinner this year it took me a while to think of it, but I believe that I have gained a lot more understanding of the power and peace of the truth... regularly reflecting and stating it to yourself and to others.
This year in particular I feel like I am growing and/or stretching as a parent, mother, sister, wife, and child. Being able to be honest with myself about who I have been and who I want to be has been very freeing. I am sure this piece of wisdom will continue to be developed throughout my lifetime, but I do acknowledge that this year it has been illuminated in a new light. I can honestly say: I know that am not better than anyone else, but I know for certain I am better than I used to be.

May lots of love an laughter be yours-


  1. Beautiful. All of it! :) Love you.

  2. you look so beautiful!!! you get even more beautiful with age Rach!!! So glad you had a great 31st bday! And kudos to chandra for bringing sweet newborn tristan!!!