Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baylor Alumni Stunt Get-together

About 6 of us old Baylor Cheerleading grads got together last weekend to play again! Two of the cheer squad alumni have a tumbling gym that they own there in Waco, so we all planned to meet up and see what we could still do. It makes me feel so young to be able to still stunt like this! I absolutely LOVE it! Here are a few pics from our fun stunting session!

Back flip layout basket-toss

Double twist down from a stunt

One-armed Arabesque


One-armed liberty


Double Cupie! Yes, ladies and gentlemen...he is holding up two of us grown women in one hand each above his head!!! Crazy! I feel very proud to say that I was the one who brought him in and taught him how to stunt back in the day! Actually, I coached two of the guys there this past weekend! Of course they have gotten better every year since I first worked with them, but I still felt incredibly proud! :)

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  1. you girls are awesome!!! so proud of my baylor cheerleaders!! :)