Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day this year. The holiday takes on a new level of meaning when you become a mother yourself. It IS actually nice to have a day dedicated to celebrating what you are trying to focus your life on at the moment (aka being a good mother).

Let me first say thank you to my mother. She did an amazing job at raising me and my brothers. She is such an example of the kind of mother I want to be, a true friend to me now that we have gotten older and I am a mother myself, and I am so grateful for her presence in my life and my boys lives.

Another thank you is needed for my mother-in-law who has taken me in as a new daughter. She is such an amazing woman and continues to pour out her love and wisdom upon me and our family. I am so lucky to have married into your family and to have gained you as a friend and mentor. Thank you for being who you are, making a son that I am indebted to your for, and for loving me so completely!

I had a photo shoot in Dallas Saturday and didn't get home till after midnight so I was pretty exhausted come Sunday morning. Daddy and the boys let mommy sleep in and it was the perfect way to start the day!

When we finally got up and sorta dressed (well enough to venture outside of the house), we drove to BuckStars and had a nice morning/mid-afternoon coffee. The boys played in the big fluffy chairs while eating their muffins and Ian and I relaxed over our drinks.

We then headed over to a nearby park to play for a bit. It was such a nice day to be outside, actually. It was completely overcast but didn't rain, so it wasn't hot and the boys enjoyed hiking around the nature trails.

A butterfly landed on Elijah's leg and stayed there for a good 5 min. It was a fun time to teach the boys and show them about butterflies.

I think by this time Elijah was ready for his nap and his friend the butterfly didn't want to go.

Joaquin LOVES the swings!

There was a rock wall that we climbed up and down several times. The boys loved it!

Trying to show Joaquin a good grip. He is quite the climber! Absolutely no fear!

This picture makes me dizzy just looking at it, but Daddy was trying to keep both the boys out of the creek while capturing mommy crossing back over the log.

The boys and I on the bridge on the way over to the creek trails in the park.

After the park we headed home for naps and then went to dinner at our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant. It was just the way I wanted to spend the day, mellow and relaxing, surrounded by my little family.


  1. so fun, what a sweet and special mother's day. you are such a great mommy rach, love you!!

  2. You are an inspiration of all a beautiful woman, wife, and mother can be.

    Thank you for bringing more precious little people [with lots of Ian and you in them] into our world and raising them so well - you're making this world a better place with a brighter future.