Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joaquin is 1 today!

It is so hard to believe that it was a year ago today when Ian and went in to the doctor for a pregnancy check up and heard the words, "you are going to meet your son today." When we went over to the women's center to check in I remember filling in the paper work and I had to ask the nurse what the date was so I could write it beside my signature. She said, "today is May, 26th, and you are gonna remember that for the rest of your life because it will be your child's birthday!" Ian heard her say that and turned to me and said, "Do you realize that it is EXACTLY 13 months to the day from Elijah's birthday on April 26th!" God has incredible timing, huh?

Well, this past year has been amazing seeing our little man grow up in so many ways. He has the most sunny disposition and we have always believed his middle name, Sol perfectly suits him! He is quite the athletic little guy, walking at 11 months, and kicking a ball at 11 1/2 months. He loves to rough house and wrestle around in the bed. He also loves books and puzzles and pretty much doing whatever his big brother does. Although, he is not one to be pushed around. He is incredibly strong and it pretty vocal about what he wants! :) We have also noticed that he has his Uncle Bubba's gift of eye-hand coordination. He can grab something so quickly you don't even see it. (In fact he stole something off the waitress's platter the other day when we were out to eat and she was just walking by! It reminds me of some frog tongue whipping out to get a fly!)

We are so grateful to God for loaning us Joaquin for this time on Earth. He has such a beautiful and precious spirit and we feel so blessed to be the receivers of so much joy! HappyBirthday, Joaquin!

Here are some pictures of his first year...

Daddy and Bubba outside Ian's art show
12 months old
10months at Mommy's birthday

11 months at Mother's Day
With Uncle Shane
My boys in their brother shirts.
Daddy and Joaquin
First Easter

getting into trouble
8 months

first black eye

always so happy!

3 month Baptismal shoot

2 weeks old

your birth announcement photo

What a year!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Rachel your babies are adorable!!! Happy birthday to Joaquin!

  2. Happy Birthday Joaquin! You are a go-getter that's for sure!

  3. OH wow...i am teary!! life moves so fast!! cannot believe he is ONE!! what a gorgeous lil guy he is Rach!!! Excited to celebrate with ya'll this weekend!!!