Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hide And Go Seek

Recently Elijah has really gotten into the old favorite kid game, Hide and Go Seek. He actually finds really creative places to hide, which freaks me out a little bit because it is hard to find him sometimes. (Although, he doesn't know how to be quiet when he finds his hiding spot yet, so that helps me.) I decided to take my camera with me during this morning's game and these were the two spots where I found him...

1.) Hiding between all our pillows on the bed I just made...

2.) In our little pug dog, Joni's crate in the laundry room! (Somehow he managed to pull the crate out in the middle of the room, open the gate, drag the bedding out and crawl inside! Frightening, I know!)


  1. ahhh! so cute Elijah!! ha ha, when Jackson plays hide and go seek he yells to us from his hiding spot telling us where he is...we're like Jackson, you have to be quiet so we can look for you! HA HA! it's so precious nonetheless!

  2. So fun! Brody has started playing as well, but he likes to be the one doing the finding, not the hiding!

  3. He is so sweet - I just want to smooch his precious cheeks.

    You are pretty much the coolest Mom ever, making time to play hide and seek with him. Even when he's a little too good at hiding. You're developing such a healthy sense of independence in his little spirit - even if it sometimes scares the dickens out of you.

    You're wonderful. I love hearing about your life.