Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom and Dad K

This past week Mom and Dad K came to visit us from California! It was their first chance to meet Joaquin, so we were excited to have them here! We had a blast all being together and the boys loved spending time with their Gamma and Gampa! Here are a few of the fun memories:

Gampa is so good with babies.
Joaquin: "My Grampa is this guy? I want a DNA test!"

Joaquin: "...yeah, and then this huge jaguar jumped out of the bushes like this..."

Joaquin: "No need to be scared, Gampa."

And then Joaquin actually ended up falling asleep in Gampa's arms!

Like father, like son. Here are all my precious boys!

Elijah got ahold of some of my old sunglasses. He thought he looked super cool, and well... I thought he did too! :)

My little man!

Elijah's recent discovery is the hose. He loves to play with it while it's filling up his baby pool. Oh, and Joni loves it too! :)

Gamma gave Ian and I an awesome date night treat and volunteered to watch the boys for us! We headed over to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie. It was wonderful! Thank you mom! You are soooooooo good to us!


Aren't they precious? Ian is such a great daddy!

Daddy was teaching Elijah how to blow bubbles.

Learning how to float...

Gamma taught Elijah how to hold his breath when his head goes under the water! At first he wasn't to excited about it, but after a while he would come up out of the water with a smile or even a giggle!

Elijah sure did have a great buddy this past week! He loved playing with Gamma 24-7! He did not want to go down for nap time because he was afraid he would miss out on Gamma time!

Here is the fam' in the pool!

Gampa was a wonderful teacher! Elijah loved getting thrown around in the water too!

This is what happens when Elijah decides to get in his baby pool then directly into the sandbox afterward! (this has pretty much become a morning ritual after we feed Joni)


  1. What a precious family you have!

  2. awww - how fun! and look at those boys....ahhhhhhh! Love E's lil hair! and J is growing so much already!!! need to see you all again soon!!! love you!

  3. aww- your boys are so darn handsome...and big! what the heck?! i love JSK's facial expressions...he is such a cutie! you are so blessed! i love you!