Monday, August 24, 2009

Monique's Visit

An old student of mine came to visit us this last week/weekend and we had a blast! I taught Monique in a Freshman Honors English class 6 years ago in California. We lived close to one another so we would take Monique to school most days and we developed a special relationship over the years. She is an amazing woman and is now about to start her 3rd year at Stanford in the fall!
She is a natural with kiddos and we had so much fun romping around Austin with the boys! While she was in town we took the boys swimming, went on a "Duck tour" through Lake Austin and the downtown area, went on a "Ghost tour" late at night around all the old buildings in Austin, saw Dirty Dancing outside under the stars downtown with a 3 course meal included courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse, had a wonderful breakfast at Magnolia Cafe, dinner at Hula Hut, and lots of chat time around the house! Thanks for making the trek out here, Monique! We love you!

Here is Monique and Joaquin hanging out on the couch.

This was at the end of the Ghost tour at the Driskel. They had these miniature chairs and chaise lounge in the foyer. It was too good of a photo op. to pass up! (Elijah thought the chairs were so much fun, but by that time he was exhausted and a bit loopy!)

Here are the tiny guys on the tiny furniture.

Not so tiny...Elijah crawled up on this rocking chair outside the Moonshine Bar and Grill, where we started our Ghost tour. Lots of crazy stories about that place! It has been there forever!

This was after watching Dirty Dancing on the outdoor screen outside of Whole Foods. Is it horrible that I let my 1 year old watch that? (Not that he stayed still to watch much of it anyway...he had more fun on the nearby playground.)

Thanks for visiting, Monique! We look forward to next summer and getting more things crossed off our "list". :)


  1. What a fun visit! Can I tell you where all I was going at this stage of two babies? MAYBE church?? that's it! Good job getting out!

  2. How sweet is that? Wow, what a special girl. I loved the boys in their chairs. Too much!
    Did you cut your hair or is it just in a pony?