Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good ole' Times

Last weekend my closest and oldest childhood friend and I got our families back together again at mom's house. Emily and I were inseparable when we were young and Jan, Emily's mother, was like a second mother to me. It is so amazing when you get back together with someone after all these years and you just pick up wherever you left off. It has always been that way with us, and it was so wonderful to have all the kiddos and our moms together this time. We all had lunch together then let the kids run around in the yard while we caught up. (By the way, Ian got to have a weekend off all daddy duty and he was at home soaking up the quiet house!) Here are some pictures from our weekend.

We kept saying we needed to get a picture all together on Saturday when we all had make-up on and looked nice for the occasion. Of course, that never happened and we ended up asking my dad to take a quick shot on Sunday morning after we had finally gotten all the kids out of bed, dressed, fed and the cars all packed up. Hey, at least we got one shot of us all together. (Although you can't see Emily's newest little man, Dane. He is in the car seat carrier right behind all of us)
Here are Olivia, Grant, Elijah, and Joaquin all playing in MiMi's sandbox.

Jan, Emily and I after lunch on Saturday

Grant and Elijah had the same exact swimsuits! They were so cute all playing in the baby pool and on the little play scape.

MiMi rigged up the slide to drop right into the baby pool and they all had a blast with that!

We really had such a wonderful weekend and although it is a totally different ball game now that we have 5 kids between us, true friendships just grow deeper with time! It really is such a gift from God to have friends to share your life with!


  1. oh, how fun!!! Emily's kids are beautiful!! what a fun weekend to hang, catch up, and reminisce about the good ole days!!!
    loved the boys' baylor shirts too...those look like vintage shirts!!! were those someone's when they were young? :)

    ahhh, miss you friend! great reading these entries and feeling like i am catching up with you a bit. i, on the other hand, have bene SOOO behind on blogging. can't wait for Prek and MDO to start next week!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! :)


  2. Rachel, thanks for sharing these pictures, haven't seen Jan or Emily in such a long time. So happy you were all able to get together, know you had a wonderful time remembering the good old days. Did you have a Tea Party? : ) Please tell everyone hello from the Lightners!

  3. Jealous!! I want to come next time!!