Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video Tribute

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything. Sorry about that. Summer gets so busy and crammed with activities! I picked up the flip this morning to catch a video of Joaquin playing with Joni and when I was uploading the video I realized there were a lot of clips on the camera that I had planned on sharing on the blog and never did. So, this is a catch up video blog entry. :)

These first two films are from Noah's 2nd birthday party, back when they were still living in the states! They rented one of those big blow up slide and jumpy things and the kids were playing on it all day!
This next one is from our time in Mexico when Uncle Stu taught Elijah his fancy dance!

Here is our fourth of July pop fireworks in the backyard. The boys loved it, and so did Joni for that matter!

This one might take a bit of explaining... you see, Ian and I made up a little brush your teeth song that the boys love. We say, "We're gonna brush our teeth on the--left, left, left, left, left, left, left--on the right, right, right, right, right, right, right, in the front, front, front, front, front--ALL of Elijah and Joaquin's teeeeth!" So, when Daddy and I are home to give them a bath together it is a tradition to brush our teeth when we are drying off and putting on our jammies. Daddy does a little beat-box and Mommy sings. One night Daddy decided we needed to video it to save the memory. So, here is our brush your teeth song for your viewing pleasure. :)

This video is from the carousel the boys road at the miniature golf place for my dad's birthday. They had a blast!

And, finally, this is the video I took today that started all this video tribute nonsense. It just wanted to capture Joni and Joaquin playing in the house since it is something they always do. He gives a nice wave hello to all you watching the video too!

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