Monday, August 23, 2010

Hill Family Reunion 2010

We had our yearly Hill Family Reunion a couple weekends ago at the Moody House. It was so wonderful to see everyone and hear what is going on in every one's lives. Most of us that used to sit at the "kids table" are all grown up now and the term "kids" is now used to reference my two boys. Every summer my mom's brothers and sisters, my mom's parents (Namama and Grandaddy Bill) and all the cousins try to get together for at least a 3 day weekend.

The past few years my mother has hosted the event since their house is large enough to handle the crowd. We always stay up late playing games, eating tons of sweets, and reminiscing. The mornings are full of babies running around and the "adults" having coffee and tea outside under the trees while the older kids sleep late into the afternoon! We all gather together for cooking meals some even put on their jogging shoes and go for a run around the small town of Moody. And, I know I didn't do it justice by my short description, but it really is a blast and such a special time of celebrating family. Here are a few pics from last weekend.

Brice, Sarah, JB, Carol, and my mom at one of the lunches

The crew sitting down for our last meal before everyone headed their own ways.

Catherine (I snuck in some candid shots when people didn't know I was taking them) :)

Sarah and Elijah playing legos

Carol often played chef



hanging out during the afternoon


Elijah taking his legos very seriously

the weekend includes lots of dog bonding too!
everyone brings their pooches to play
JB's dog-- Issa

hanging out in the kitchen...why is it that everyone always congregates in the kitchen? no matter how big the rest of the house is?

my sweet mother, the hostess with the mostest

Buddy showing Elijah his camera tricks

Ian and Joaquin playing around on the couch

boys boys boys...
Ian, Joaquin, Bryce, Elijah and Brett

bigger boys

Bobby and Grandaddy Bill

Namama and her two girls, mom and Carol

MiMi and Elijah

Uncle Bobby and Joaquin

Breakfast outside

lego mania!

MiMi and Joaquin on the scooter

Em on the backyard swing

kids in the pool + people on the swing + dogs in the yard + people lounging = a good time
Elijah loved the sprinkler

Bryce keeping Joaquin entertained in the baby pool

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  1. love all them Hill's!!! :) what a fun family reunion...and your sweet mom IS the best hostess with the mostess!!! their house in Moody (of all places!) has been a great hang out for so many events - i love it!

    You mom and Carol are so beautiful...and of course, they get it from sweet Namama!

    loved seeing these! fun times!