Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monique's Visit

Every summer since Ian and I moved to Texas Monique has come to visit. Monique was a student of mine when I taught Freshman Honors English back in California. She also lived close to our old apartment so we would take her to school with us sometimes. We have all grown close through the years and now that she is a Senior at Stanford, it was our last big hurrah summer visit. (Unless she goes to law school out here :))

It has been a fun tradition every year to revisit our favorite restaurants and try to find something new that we haven't done before. So this time, we took her tubing on the Guadalupe River, to the Alamo Drafthouse, and down to the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We had a blast together and it is such a nice excuse for Ian and I to get off our booties and take advantage of all the fun things this area has to offer. Funny, how when you live somewhere you get so complacent to all that is around you. (I guess we did the same thing when we lived by the beach in Cali!) Anyway, here are a few pictures from our time together. We took pictures with underwater throw away cameras on the river but I haven't had time to scan in the pics, so these are from the rest of the week.

Joaquin, Ian and Monique on the Riverwalk

Eating out...lots of Tex-mex!

Daddy was showing the boys this huge bear outside the chocolate factory.
They LOVED him!

Trying to get a picture of the fam on the riverwalk

Daddy and Joaquin on the grounds of the Alamo

We are an official Texan family

"Visit the Alamo" - you can check that one off your list, Monique

We love you and are so grateful you came to visit!- Rachel and Ian and the boys


  1. what a sweet and special friendship!!! and i know you have been such a mentor and inspiration to her. so proud of how ya'll have kept up with her, and how great you are with fostering relationships! I am lucky to have you as a friend!!!

  2. I just noticed this! That was really a great trip! Let me know when you scan the pictures. <3
    Love and miss you all so much!
    - Monique