Monday, April 5, 2010


Every time Easter Week comes around I like to spend some quality time just sitting and pondering everything. When I look at the reality of what happened to Jesus it just blows my mind! I am not positive, but I think it was Phillip Yancey who talked about imagining Jesus' death and resurrection in our own terms to make it more realistic...
Think of the person who knows you the best (probably a husband or wife or family member or closest friend) and imagine them dying a sudden and horrifying death. How traumatizing that would be to your entire being. I hate to even think of loosing Ian like that. I imaging going to his funeral, saying my goodbyes, having everyone hanging around my house with casseroles and giving me words of encouragement. I would be in a dark place emotionally and spiritually. Then, imagine going to his grave a few days later to lay some flowers over their tombstone and suddenly it looks like they have been dug up and the body stolen out of the casket! How freaking crazy that would be! I would flip out!!! Hysterics doesn't even cover it! Then, if I suddenly saw Ian walking up to me telling me not to cry, that he was still alive and that he had in fact beat death, I don't even know what I would do...probably pass out and think I was hallucinating! But, if Ian kept coming back and I wasn't the only one to see him and visit with him and have dinner with him, I KNOW my life would be changed forever!
Crazy to think of the reality of what Jesus' death and resurrection really looked like. I love wondering about all the details that aren't explained in the Bible..."why did they not recognize him when they first saw him? What did he look like? He had the scars on his sides and hands to prove to Thomas, but what about all the lashings on his body and where the crown of thorns was? Did those scars disappear? Was his voice different if none of them recognized it?" Ahhh, I would have loved to have been there or be able to go back and see what the resurrected Jesus was like.
A long time ago (well, probably about 5 years ago to be more precise), I had a dream where Jesus appeared in the dream. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that it was really Jesus because my spirit knew it was him and I have never felt anything like that feeling of being there talking to him in my dream. But, the funny thing was how he looked. He looked almost like a tan, muscled, surfer with shoulder length dirty-blond hair and really warm dark eyes, maybe a grey or brownish black color. And his laugh was EXACTLY like my dad's laugh I heard all my life growing up. After that dream, I often wondered about what Jesus' resurrected body, voice, laugh, and all that was like.
I don't have any answer or neat way to draw all this pondering to a conclusion. Just to say, I love to ponder during this time of year! Jesus was one truly amazing man, and the power of Christ coming back to life still blows me away!

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  1. Such a powerful thing to ponder.

    Thanks for sharing your musings.