Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gift!

Guess what arrived yesterday afternoon? Gamma, Gampa, Uncle Stu and Aunt Katie's birthday gift to the boys...ONE SERIOUS PLAY YARD!

Let me preface by saying that it arrived in two LARGE boxes while they were both napping. So, when they woke up and came down stairs the first thing Elijah did was run to the back door, point outside to the boxes and say, "was dat?"

He would have been happy playing around on the boxes, but when Daddy got home from work and whipped this play yard together, the boys were ecstatic!!! You would have thought they had each downed a 20 pound bag of sugar! They could barely stop climbing on things long enough for us to finish putting it together. In fact, the first thing that went together was the slide and platform and they played happily on that for an hour straight before the rest of it was put together!

A BIG BIG BIG thanks to the West Coast Kirkland's for all your love and generosity for the boys! Can't wait for you guys to come and play with them in the backyard some day!

Elijah had just crawled through the tunnel

Elijah loved the little clubhouse area with the fake phone and reloj. (he likes to use the Spanish word for clock because it is easier for him to say)

happy boy!

Joaquin realized he could get up and down using the slide and he loves it! Although, Elijah is a little bit of a bridge troll when it comes to passing into the clubhouse area. He likes to make it difficult for Bubba to pass through. :)

It is freaking AWESOME!!!


  1. how perfect is this for them right now??? YAY!!!!!! love it!!! so fun!!!