Monday, April 5, 2010

Images from our Easter Egg Hunt at MiMi's

On Easter Sunday we all went to Adam and Chandra's church together then over to MiMi and Papaw's for lunch and an egg hunt. The boys had a blast and it was a wonderful day with family and friends. Here are some pictures from the day. They are not really in any order...
Noah let the bunny give him a kiss on the cheek :)

All the boys with their baskets around the fire pit.

Joaquin was a little freaked out at first of the stone garden bunny, but he quickly became a fan!

Adam and Noah on the look out for eggs.

He didn't quite know what to do with the egg at first. Since he just got his first tooth last week, he decided the best option would be to chew on it!

There is Joaquin with his proud face after he found his first egg!

Elijah on the hunt in MiMi and Papaw's side yard.

He has my old Easter basket from when I was a kid. My mom saved it and passed it down to him last year!

Aunt Chandra and Noah on the tree swing. We are about to meet our 4th little boy in the family any day now...

MiMi always gets lots of love!

MiMi and Elijah

Born just 6 weeks apart!
Aren't the cousins cute!
The show down before they were let go to find the eggs! :)

Cousin Noah arrived for the hunt looking, as always, like such a dapper dude!

Mommy and Elijah swinging on the hammock.

He had no nap that day with all the sugar and excitement, of course. At the end of it all they both just crashed!

I'm not sure what I was showing Elijah here on the swing...something he liked I guess. :) MiMi gave him the cutest little Christopher Robin-looking outfit that he wore for Easter.

The Easter Bunny dropped off Joaquin and Elijah's baskets in their cribs before they woke up in the morning. Gamma and Gampa had also sent some things that they got to open in the morning. Their were both so excited to find a little gift in their bed when they awoke!
The spinning-light-up-egg was a favorite!

And of course the Easter Bunny ears were another favorite during the day!

This was my attempt to get a picture of the boys in their little sear sucker Easter outfits. Of course the only way we could get faces like this was with Ian doing the jig behind me. Elijah is like "what in the world are you doing daddy?" But Joaquin just thinks it is hilarious!

This is what happens when you get these two in the same room with guitars for more than an hour. They are bound to start up a jam session! I love hearing them play, though; what a treat!


  1. What a beautiful day!

    Your kids - including Cousin Noah! - are precious. So adorable.

    And I loved seeing pictures of you - you are beautiful, Rach. Loved seeing shots of you being a Mom - you are clearly fantastic at the job.

  2. Beautiful picture story! :) Felt like I spent the day with you and your amazing family. You look fabuloso!

  3. oh wow, those are such gorgeous pics Rach!!! Your boys are sooo dang cute - i am so excited to get to see them in person this weekend!! you look so beautiful, and Chandra is so pretty pregnant!!! Did she have her baby yet??