Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Better late than never...

I forgot to put these pictures up a month or so ago when I took them. I had a photo shoot one day at the house so the backdrop was up. When Elijah got home from Mothers Day Out he was soooo excited about the lights and all the set-up that they started playing with all the props and things and I couldn't help but get the camera out and set them up for some pictures before they went down for their naps. Here are a few of what resulted. They are actually in backwards chronological order, but that doesn't much matter...

This was actually the very end of the shoot. I was trying to get them to hug, but they weren't quite into it.

I love showing off their doughy little baby skin!

I love this picture! Ha! Completely dead-pan!

I tried to give him a toy to keep him occupied long enough to sit for a few snaps of the camera, but he was still on the go!

Little man.

Joaquin close up :)
My little sweet cakes...


Trying to open the patio door.

Tugging at his diaper...
This little stinker loves to try to take it off!

Elijah staring at Joni out the patio door.

I got them in their diapers by the end of the shoot. Kids are just so much cuter naked!

I tried out some of my props on Elijah and you can see he wasn't too happy about it!

I was trying out my little cupid wings.

Joaquin on the old suitcase.

He really tried getting into this thing.

Almost a walker now!

I sat the two of them in the suitcase and they were checking out those fake roses.

Elijah was impressed.

All I needed was a cute little girl for him to pretend to hand the flowers to... :) When are we gonna have a baby girl in this family! :)



  2. What great pics! I love the close-ups!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!! THE CUPID WINGS!!!! they look so cute!