Monday, March 29, 2010

Nice Weekend

Ian and I had a great weekend! We LOVE Texas' spring! The weather just makes you want to get outside and play! We have been hitting our neighborhood park regularly and have made some new buddies on the playground. Elijah is quite the daredevil when it comes to the playground but he absolutely abhors the swings. I have no idea why on that one. Bubba, on the other hand, loves the swings. It always brings out a little giggle and a big smile!

So this past weekend, Ian suggested we take the boys out to The Domain. It is a little shopping/living area in Austin that has a lot of outdoor play areas for the kids and pretty fountains and such. It sounded great to get out of the house since we had been laz-0-ing around the house all morning and so we decided to get dressed.

Now, the boys are all about Daddy when it comes to the weekends. Well to be totally honest, pretty much any time Daddy is around they are all about Daddy, but especially on the weekends! So when Ian was in the bathroom getting dressed, the boys were close at hand watching his every move and just wanting to be around him. Since Daddy was putting product in his hair, Elijah wanted some too; and since Elijah wanted some product, Joaquin wanted some too! So, the boys all got their hair done to go out to the Domain. It was precious, so I took a picture of Elijah's "bed-head look", as Daddy said he was going for, and Joaquin's little fohawk of baby fuzz. :)

Aren't my little men adorable?
By the time we got to the Domain with the kids, stroller gear, and such (you guys with kids know what I am talking about when it comes to actually getting somewhere at any given time), we were all hungry. We saw that there was a new sushi place at the end of the shopping area, so we decided to give Elijah and Joaquin their first meal of sushi. :) They both actually loved it, but that was probably because Daddy and Mommy picked some rolls that were pretty light on the fishy flavor. But, Elijah did love the eel and Joaquin hung right in there with whatever he could gum down (poor little guy still doesn't have any chomping teeth). I wish I would have taken some pictures of the two of them with their chopsticks and sushi rolls, but I didn't think of it when we were eating. *A little side note, though, about the chopsticks...they were sooooooooo much easier to feed Joaquin with than a spoon or fork! I couldn't believe I hadn't used them sooner, but I will from now on. When kids get to that in between eating stage, where they want to do it themselves but aren't that great yet and when they try to pick it up in their hands, it just gets squished to smithereens or lost in the move, chopsticks are a great option.
Anyway, after our meal, we got some frozen yogurt and headed over to all the fun fountain areas. Elijah couldn't wait to get out there and run around in the pop-up water fountain. We had to promise Elijah he could go in it after we ate because he spotted it on our way over to the sushi restaurant and it took A LOT of disciplined patience for him to let it go and walk on to the restaurant. So, afterwards, we headed directly there. He and Daddy chased around each sprout and of course Elijah got drenched from a few surprises. By the time we headed home, he was only wearing a diaper!
Here are Ian and Elijah going after the sprouts of water. Daddy was dodging them, while Elijah was trying to catch up to them...
All, in all, it was a great little family weekend!


  1. Your little men are SO adorable!

    And I love that you introduced your little guys to sushi!!! So cool. And brilliant on the chopsticks feeding!

    What a good little guy Elijah is, being patient through lunch after seeing the awesome fountain. I love hearing about your sweet kiddos and all your adventures.

    Gold Star Weekend. :)

  2. yes!!!! your men are ADORABLE!!! i too love this time of year!! Just wanna be outside!!!!

  3. I laughed aloud several times! Oh, I miss you!