Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Swimmin'

Recently, our neighborhood pool opened for the summer, which by the way is the only good reason to pay our HOA fees! Since the opening we've had a few days of 100 degree weather so we were excited to get into that water! Unfortunately for me though, I'm not allowed to soak my tummy for 6 weeks after Joaquin's delivery, so Ian and Elijah get to have all the fun. Therefore, I deemed myself the official videographer to catch the moments of daddy and Elijah in the pool. Here are a few of snippets of the little swimmers... (By the way, thanks Gama and Gampa, Elijah's new swim trunks came in perfect timing!)

Waving "Hi" to mommy sitting in the shade

Learning to "kick"


  1. Hi Rachel! It's so good to see your blog. You look like you are doing great! Your family is beautiful! How far apart are you two little boys. They are precious!

  2. soooo fun! how awesome you have a pool - that'll get to great use baby!!!

  3. Thanks for sending me your blog!! I loved reading and seeing photography blog too - you are really talented!!
    Enjoy your two precious boys!!! The obstacle course cracked me up - great idea!