Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Photographer's Motivation...or lack thereof

I realized I just entered another post, but Elijah is sleeping and Joaquin just dozed off, so I've only got a bit of free time and I wanted to USE IT!  

As you all know, I am a photographer.  And, with that, most people assume I would be snapping pictures of my own children every chance I get.  However, as some of you that are artists might also experience, for some reason when your job involves your passion, you somehow loose that desire to "create" when you have free time.  When I am with the kids the last thing that would come to mind is pulling out my "good camera" and taking pictures.  It is funny, I had the same problem when I taught photography and had a key to the darkroom at work.  You think I would have been in there 24-7 working on my own prints, but when I finally did have free-time where I wasn't teaching in the darkroom, I had NO desire to get in there myself!  There is such a weird catch-22 when you use your artistic motivation for work!

All that being said, I knew we needed to take some newborn pics of Joaquin before he got out of the "newborn" phase.  So, late Sunday afternoon Ian and I decided we would take a few of the boys.  However, since we were lacking a bit in motivation, we talked ourselves out of getting out the full backdrop, light-kit, etc.  We thought we could just wing it with a black sheet on the bed and a few props.  (We always seem to do this...thinking it will be easier and less time consuming to just throw it together...WELL IT IS NOT!)  It NEVER is for that matter!  Mommy and Daddy aren't in them because we didn't want to take the time to get all dressed and looking good; the lighting is crappy; I ended up having to crop the heck out of the pictures, props are funky looking, and Joaquin just doesn't look all that cute (although, I promise he really is a good lookin' chap!)  Suffice to say, I wasn't that happy with the results, however I posted a few because I felt like I haven't been showing many pictures of Joaquin since his birth.  So, here you go...our lazy attempt.  I realize now that I will need to do a full blown shoot, like I do with all my clients, the next time I take pictures of the boys.  (I promise I'll do better next time!)


  1. OH! These are absolutely amazing! I love the feet and hair comparisons. They look alike yet totally different. I can't WAIT to meet JS!

  2. What a sweet big brother! :)

  3. What cute pics and beautiful boys! Glad to have found your blog!