Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 +1 Reasons I...

10 + 1 Reasons I Love My Husband...

10. He wakes up in the middle of the night to burp and change our babies.

9. He has told me I am beautiful (and meant it) nearly every day of our married life.

8. He is an amazing father to our children; he teaches them all that he knows, and is always present when they are around giving them his total attention.

7. He is hot! Looks the same as he did when we were freshman at Baylor. After I saw him for the first time I started to prank call because I had a crush.

6. He is creative! He is constantly inspired by all that God puts around him. I glean off that inspiration and in turn am motivated to create!

5. He is a genuine genius. Many of you know that, but I like to brag about his genius level IQ every chance I get. Hopefully our kids will get his Mensa IQ.

4. He wants to make me happy. No matter what it is, he is always willing to do whatever he needs to do to make me happy, safe, and secure. He is an amazing husband and is always trying to be a better one. (OK, I realize that was kinda 2 in one.)

3. He can play every musical instrument known to man. Just to name a few of the instruments he owns and plays...guitar, mandolin, trumpet, saxophone, violin, drums, bass, banjo, piano, lap harp, egg shaker, weird Thai instruments and the list goes on.

2. He is compassionate and genuine. His heart and soul are beautiful and they just shine! (Everyone he comes in contact with likes just can't not like someone so sincerely caring.)

1. He listens to what he feels God is telling him and is confident (has faith) enough to lead our family with his spirit's intuition.

(+1. He serenades our babies.)


  1. Ok, I cry EVERY TIME I read your blog!!!!!!!!!!
    I love him.
    I love that you adore your husband.
    You are truly soulmates and it's so fun to watch.

  2. And I'm sure he could list 400 things about you, friend. Great tribute!

  3. I cry every time I read your blog too... I love you guys and miss you so much! Tell Ian that he is and has been a huge inspiration for me for most of my life. I heart Ian.

  4. :) Sigh . . . How wonderful!

  5. Monica MonasmithThursday, June 18, 2009

    Does he like sports? If so I think my husband would marry him, lol!!