Thursday, June 18, 2009


My one splurge expunged!

I was devastated to hear Joaquin's pediatrician say the words "caffeine is your culprit" the other day at his 2 week check up! My one life-line since having the two boys has been a morning Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino. And I don't take them lightly. I fully realize that most people do not consume any type of caffeine when they are pregnant or breastfeeding, and I was one of those people with Elijah. But, as those of you with more than one kiddo know, some of those standards we had with the first child simply go out the window when the second comes along. I told myself it was better to have a mother that was awake, than have one comatose mom pure of any caffeine traces.

However, my morning perk was completely denounced when I happened to mention to the pediatrician that Joaquin had been having some greener looking poo instead of the normal breastfeeding mustard yellow stuff (my apologies to those of you that aren't parents or that are just grossed out by that sort of you may know I am pretty comfortable talking about any subject.) Anyhow, the diagnosis was that the caffeine had been upsetting his tummy and making more of the bile of his stomach show up in the poo. BOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

So, this is the 4th day I've gone without my sweet treat and the first day I've woken up without a pounding caffeine headache! Even though I have needed a mid-day nap these past 4 decaffeinated days, I feel good about the fact that I have been able to get the kids out of bed, diapers changed, clothed, fed, and even out to the park a few times. (We will just let go of all the housework, cooking, birth announcements that need to be made, and other to-do list items, right?)


  1. Oh no!! That makes me feel like maybe I should cut out my DDP too--Joy has had major gas issues/pain...

  2. DEVASTATION :( I am so bummed for you!

  3. It won't always be this way sister!! Hang in there! I am so praying for Holy Spirit caffination.