Thursday, September 19, 2013

Monique and Josh's Visit

Every year since we have lived here in Texas, Monique Loy, a previous student of mine, has come to visit during her summer vacation. It is always a time that we all look forward to and we use it as a fun excuse to do all the fun Austin things that we don't always take advantage of when we live here.

This year, Monique and her fiancé, Josh, came to visit. One of our stops on a hot summer Saturday was Barton Springs natural aquifer pool. The boys love swimming in the shallow end and the 68 degree water that pools up from the underground cave is a refreshing blast against our 100 degree Texas summer heat.

The boys also enjoyed taking Monique and Josh to our local library. It has become a favorite of the boys throughout this summer to visit the library and each get to select 5 new books and 3 new DVD's from the shelves. This image is of Ian helping them with a cool "How to make Paper Airplanes" book that Elijah picked out.

Josh and Monique spent some extra afternoon time with Joaquin since he only goes to school till 1pm. Here they are reading one of the library books Joaquin selected.  The boys have really gotten to be little readers. 

Not only do we love to go to our local library for fun times reading, but our other local hot spot is the Austin book shop called The Book People. The boys love their story times because it is on risers and there is a secret tunnel the kids can crawl through underneath it. :) Plus there are all sorts of things to play dress up with, like Viking hats. 

One morning, we braved the line and took Monique and Josh to the "best barbecue in the nation" at Franklin's. And even though we had a crazy wait, I was happy to hear that they thought it was worth it in the end! :)

This was a picture I had to throw in there. Monique had a strange time being able to make it to the airport. The day she was scheduled to leave the plane had all sorts of mechanical issues and I was called back to pick her up from the airport to spend one more day with us. So, in the end, we all got an extra day with Monique. The boys were super excited but on Saturday after she left and all the excitement died down the boys crashed and burned and began to throw fits about 'Monique and Josh leaving before they got to do everything they wanted with them.' So, this was our Saturday family activity to keep them happy and occupied. :) The boys made patterns on their Dia De Los Muertos masks and we had fun playing "boo" around the house all day.  

We love you guys, Josh and Monique, and can't wait to be a part of your big wedding next year!

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