Thursday, September 19, 2013

Elijah starts Kindergarten

I can't believe we have a Kindergartener now! 

Elijah was so excited to start Kindergarten at our local Brentwood Elementary School. Montessori the past few years had definitely prepared him and he was looking forward to starting at a big boy school.  His teacher, Mrs. Stevens, has been teaching for 18 years and is the perfect teacher for Elijah. She seems patient and enjoys listening to his stories. :)

Here is a picture of Elijah and Amy Stevens from meet the teacher night. I have enjoyed getting to know his teacher and I think Ian and I hold a special place in our hearts for teachers, because we know what they are going through and all the district pressures they are under, having been teachers ourselves.  

Well, if you didn't know it, Elijah is a morning person! He is full of fun and laughter and is always ready to get up and go when the day begins! This is what he had to say when daddy woke him up to get dressed for his 'first day of Kindergarten'.

All smiles from the top bunk bed!

Funny faces while daddy was trying to capture the moment...

And, yet, when mommy made a sign and had his hair all done and he was dressed and ready for school, he wouldn't give me a smile.

This was as good as I could get.

So, we all pilled in the car and took Elijah to our neighborhood school. We walked up the sidewalk and Elijah was greeted by all the teachers and staff and directed to sit in his classroom line in the cafeteria.

He walked in like a pro; very confident and ready to start the day.  Overall, public Kindergarten has been a huge blessing and Ian and I have really been impressed with the school. We will keep you posted as the year continues.

But for now, we leave with a hip' hip hooray' for our little Kindergartener! We are so proud of you, Elijah! You continue to amaze us every day with who you choose to be and how you impact your world! May you continue to spread the Love in all you do!

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