Thursday, September 19, 2013

Joaquin starts back to Montessori

Since my last blog entry was about Elijah starting Kindergarten, I thought it only fair to follow up with an entry about Joaquin's school year.  Although he is a year younger than Elijah and won't be joining the 'full time academic crowd' till next year, he did, however, start at a new Montessori school this year.  

Ian and I decided to put him in Monday- Thursday half day classes at the Wee Wisdom Montessori School through our church, Unity Church of the Hills. He has been loving it! We were a little nervous at first because this is his first time being in a class without Elijah. The previous two years he was in Montessori with his brother and we weren't sure how he would take to being in a new school and not having his big brother by his side. 

We never should have worried. Joaquin is like a duck in water when it comes to social activities! By day three of class he already had a girlfriend and was hugging his teachers goodbye and telling them (and I quote) "thank you for loving on me", when we left each day.  Needless to say, he is having fun and very well adjusted.

Even though Joaquin loves school and always comes home saying he had "100 times fun" in his class, he is a stinker to get up in the morning. This is the best picture daddy got of him getting up for his first day of school! He will sulk and hide under the covers and pout and do just about everything he can to stay under those covers in the morning!

But, when he was finally up, he had a good attitude about going to meet all his new classmates and teacher. This picture was taken in our driveway before we headed to school on his first day.

And I just wanted to throw this picture in because it was a cute one. He is such a little ray of sunshine!  Ian and I were setting up the backdrop to take some maternity pictures when Joaquin ran in all dressed up in an outfit he picked out, complete with skull and crossbones tie and a fedora. I propped him up in front of the backdrop and asked him to pose for some lighting tests before we started to take the maternity portraits and this picture was just so adorable I had to include it.  :)

We love you, Joaquin! You are such an angel of blessing to us and we love watching you spread your wings in life!

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