Friday, May 25, 2012

Uncle Stu's Visit!

We had a great weekend with Uncle Stu!  The boys were counting down the days till his visit and they were not disappointed when he arrived!  The boys trampled him, of course, but Uncle Stu was an awesome sport and everyone had a blast during his visit.

When Stu first arrived, we had dinner at Hula Hut.  The next day was spent at the pool swimming, and out to dinner at NXNW Brewery.  Then the following morning we had breakfast at Monument Cafe in Georgetown and hung around the festival downtown for a while.  In the evenings, Ian and Stu would stay up late working/playing on computer stuff and watching funny videos on-line.  (They had some well-overdue brother time when the rest of us were sleeping!)

It was such a special gift to have Stu for the weekend!  We cherish our time with family and are so thankful that our boys got to spend special time with their Uncle!  We love you STU!

The boys with Uncle Stu
 All the boys hanging out at the downtown festival 

Outside the NXNW Brewery; in front of the Beer Vat

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