Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun filled weekend and welcome home Papaw!


Our little family had a great weekend full of family time!  Saturday was a nice, lazy morning, followed by an afternoon on the playground and in the pool. 

Then on Sunday we got together with MiMi, Papaw and Uncle John at the Domain up in Austin.  We shopped around and had dinner at Maggiano's Italian eatery.  It was so great to see my dad, Papaw, because he had been in China for over almost 2 months on business with Adam, my brother and his family.

Papaw brought a host of toys and special gifts from China and the boys had a blast joking around with their Uncle John.  Another highlight of the evening was the kid train at the Domain.  Since our dinner table was outside, the boys watched and watched the kid train go around the shopping area and were dying to get on as soon as they had been excused from the table.

So, MiMi and Papaw bought them a ticket on the mini train and we all watched them ride in style - making yet another wonderful family memory.

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