Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Easter Hunt

He boys had a blast at their Mother's Day Out Easter Party today. Joaquin is still kinda learning about not opening the eggs until the hunt is over. He has a tendency to want to open them right away and eat the candy out, but then he is misses the chance to get more eggs, and before long, they are all gone!

So, mommy had a little practice session with him and reminded him to get as many eggs as he can until the teacher says the hunt is over; THEN we eat the candy. :)

Elijah knows the name of the game by now and he shot out of the starting gates with focus! He grabbed so many eggs he shared a lot of the loot with his bubba.

It is always a trick when going to school events with little guys in two different classes. They both hunted on two different playgrounds at the same time so I tried to ping pong back and forth and grab some photos while I could.


Elijah on the playground after his hunt

Happy boy about to begin!

Grabbing the loot

More finds

Showing me the biggest egg he found

showing off on the slide afterwards

Joaquin on his playground before the hunt begins

posing for pics

his first find

showing me his basket

going for more eggs

my sweet Joaquin, posing with his class

Joaquin's Mother's Day Out class with their Easter baskets

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