Friday, April 6, 2012

Gamma and Gampa Egg Fun!

The boys received a wonderful Easter box in the mail from Gamma and Gampa today and we had sooooooo much fun doing the egg dyes! The box of goodies contained a special egg kit to make aliens and spaceship eggs.

They were so much fun!

If you haven't done it in a while, dying eggs is serious business! We had to change out of our good clothes and get on "painting shirts" because that dye is lethal! After we made our hard boiled eggs and prepared our vinegar and water dye mixtures, the boys had fun coloring their eggs with a wax pencil that kept the waxed area white while dying.

After putting some color on our eggs, we used all the fun stickers in the egg kit to put on googly eyes and arms and all sorts of nonsense!

I was very proud of their work! :)

Although it took significant set up and prep time, this was such a fun Easter activity! Thanks Gamma and Gampa for the awesome memories!

Joaquin putting stickers on his eggs. (He got a bit of dye on his face, of course)

Elijah posing with his first alien egg!

Trying to get the boys to pose with the eggs

Our finished products!

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