Monday, April 23, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese Please!

The boys had a blast at their Chuck E. Cheese Birthday party this weekend!  Elijah and Joaquin had been to several friends birthday parties this year at Chuck E. Cheese, so when it came time to choose what to do for their birthday, the first place they said was Chuck E. Cheese.

I have to admit, as a mom, it is pretty much the easiest party I have ever hosted!  We just ordered a certain kids birthday package, reserved the space, sent out the invites and showed up.  They have that birthday party program down to a science!  Kids get 45 min to play with all their tokens, then their assigned party planner calls them to dinner, they put on their Chuck E. Cheese birthday boy show, do the cake, open the presents and we are done!

I pretty much just sat in a neighboring booth, took pictures and watched the whole thing go down as a smashing success!  3 cheers for Chuck E Cheese!

The boys had an absolute blast!  

On Friday morning we told the boys we were celebrating both their birthdays today so we made the whole day special, topping it off with Chuck E. Cheese for their dinner party!  They woke up to special pirate coins that led them down the stairs to presents on the kitchen table and special pirate pancakes.  Joaquin opened one of his morning presents to find Diego undies and he suddenly decided he never wanted to wear a diaper again!  That was that!  The guy has been potty-trained since!  (I should have realized the power of cool underwear earlier, man!)  Although, I have to admit when he refused to put on a pull-up to go to Chuck E. Cheese I got really nervous we would have some horrible birthday accident at the party.  But, he did a great job and has been surprising me ever since!

Then, after their nap, they woke up to find a treasure map that led them around the house and finally X-marked the spot of their "hidden treasure" in the garage...where they found their new bikes!  Then we MiMi and Uncle John showed up and we all headed over to Chuck E. Cheese to meet up with our friends from school for our big birthday bash.

Here are some pics from the day.

Elijah and Joaquin on their new bikes!

 blowing out candles

 Joaquin gave Chuck E. a big hug

 Elijah gettin' down for dance party with Chuck E

 my birthday boys

 they thought it was so funny to pull on his tongue

 they both got in the ticket blaster together!

it was all that we could do to stick to the party planners order and open presents at the last

 guns guns guns

 daddy and uncle john helped with some of the older games

 Elijah's favorite pirate wheel game

 We had about 10 kids from the boys school and some of their siblings.  The boys felt really special that all their friends from school showed up.

Clapping out "Happy Birthday"

 Getting crowned a birthday boy by Chuck E!

 high five!

 blowing out our cake!

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